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Explore. Experiment. Play. That is how I work. I am too restless and curious to keep with one theme and style. Ideas are feeding new ideas and bring me on a new path. Constantly. I love mixing materials and techniques; painting and stitching, printmaking and sewing, clay and embroidery. Why not?


My aim is to only use repurposed and environmentally friendly art materials. I have collected a rather large number of stretched canvases, all different sizes, from op-shops, that I sand back and reuse. Often in the sanding process I overdo it and create holes in the canvas. This has become a feature in my latest abstract paintings. 

I am an Arctic Swedish/ Australian artist with an art studio on a Macleay Island beach in Queensland. It's a long way from the forests and lakes of the Arctic, the midnight sun, and the northern lights. 


I am creating simply because I need to and when I do, everything feels right and purposeful. I wish to make others feel something when they look at or have my art in their space. I hope they feel good, remember a time, person, or place, feel hope, or feel inspired. Just as I do.   


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I collect bread

bag clips and one day

I'll make an exciting piece

of art with them all. I'll

let you know when.

In the mean time,

send me yours.

I can make the most amazing Lemon Myrtle Chocolate Ganache. My brother, however, describes it as a punch in the face, due to lots of very dark chocolate and intense flavours.

I spend too much money in 2nd hand shops. 95% of my wardrobe consists of 2nd hand clothing. 

I grew up in

Koskullskulle; Arctic Swedish Lapland. Midnight sun, forests, camp fires, lakes, lots of cakes, snow, sauna, and intense

darkness too.

My favourite food is palt (google it and cook it) and home made pizza with pumpkin sauce, feta, rocket and cold sour cream.

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