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Textile Art

Behind the Scenes

Textile art is my newest medium. I have always loved fabrics; my mother had a cupboard full, and as a child I snuck into her sewing room to touch, look and occasionally, unbeknownst to her, cut a piece of flowery polyester or noisy corduroy, for a creative project. Since then I have managed to hoard a cupboard full myself, mostly from op shops.


After joining a textile art group, I felt inspired and encouraged to try textile art in my own way. I use 2nd hand linen clothing for my textile works. I stain the fabrics with plant material, acrylic paint, ink or wax to create interesting patterns and shapes, I cut bits out, I tear it, I may layer it with other fabrics, then I apply stitching. My smallest pieces I call stitchlings, they are only little but full of peculiarity and uniqueness. Much energy and time has been poured into each and one of them. 

cotton thread suitcase.jpg
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