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Sången Mellan Träden
(The Song Between the Trees)

about the exhibition

Sången Mellan Träden (The Song Between the Trees) Art Exhibition is an ode to the Arctic forest, and mainly picture the low vegetation of the specific nature of the northern Sweden; flower buds and blooms, mushrooms, leaves, berries. A few birds of the area is alos making an appearance.

In my art, I am more and more inspired by the arctic nature where I grew up. As a young adult, when I lived in the northern Sweden, I longed to travel and explore the world. I have had fantastic travels, seen interesting places, and met amazing people. As time goes by though, the need to spend time on the land where I grew up and where my family still reside, is becoming more important.

Studio Strössel in Gällivare, Sweden, supplied me with a great space and support, and it was perfect in location, size and atmosphere, and a fantastic opportunity to catch up with the community as well as friends and family. It was an honor to share my art in the environment that inspired it. 

Sangen Mellan Traden resized.jpg
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