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The story behind 
Art My Word

Sara Za Enback is co-founder, project manager and curator of Art My Word, which has been running 2021, 2022 & 2023. This evolving project started as a fundraiser for the Macleay Island Community Library in 2020 and is now an integral part of the creative community on Southern Moreton Bay Islands.

Sara Za Enback and Katie Gray developed the initial concept together, and over the last three years, Art My Word has evolved into a celebration of Art, Storytelling and Community. It has attracted artists and writers, mainly from the Southern Moreton Bay Islands, Queensland, Australia, but also from greater Brisbane area, as well as interstate.


There are three components to the Art My Word project.

Art My Photo, invites photographers to supply a random photo taken anywhere around the world. These photos are randomly given to storytellers taking part in Art My Story, to use as a source of inspiration for a new written piece. Free writing style, maximum 2000 words.

Art My Word, gives visual artists a random secondhand book, no longer in circulation at the community library, to use as a starting point for a new piece of art. They have free choice of medium and free interpretation. 

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