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Behind the Scenes

Painting was my first introduction to art at art school. It was messy, it was exciting, and it was so much fun. It still is. I can physically crave it when I haven’t painted for a while.


My main inspiration comes from textures, patterns and colours I find in random places; it can be at a construction site, a pair of old shoes, a 1960's caravan upholstery and so on. I’m also inspired by nature; small things like fruit, vegetables, seeds, bush food and leaves.  I have recently started playing with larger abstract art, ripping up the canvas and stitching across the openings. 


My paintings are about layering, scratching, painting, removing and layering again. I never know how the painting will turn out beforehand. I might have the rough design and composition worked out, but colours and textures evolve as I go. At times I get overconfident with my painting and I think I’ll whip up something wonderful in a short time. It nearly always fails and I’m forced to slow down, plan and focus. 

Paint brushes close up.JPG
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