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Art Making
Behind the Scenes

Painting was my first introduction to art at art school. It was messy, it was exciting, and it was so much fun. It still is. I can physically crave it when I haven’t painted for a while.


As you can see, I don't have a strict style and single medium that I work with. I find inspiration in many random places; it can be at a construction site, a pair of old shoes, a 1960's caravan upholstery and so on. I notice textures, patterns, and colours, and make my own interpretations from these. 


Nature, especially the arctic landscape where I grew up, has a big impact on my art making. You will find small things like berries, seeds, bush food and leaves in my art, or art based on the beautiful northern landscape with mountains and lakes.


Abstract works will at times appear on my canvases and often I experiment with new materials and techniques. Fabric, surface design, embroidery, printmaking, paper art....

Paint brushes close up.JPG
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